Top Tips For Young Entrepreneurs From Fellow Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Everyone is jumping on the train and giving a go at entrepreneurship. If you are young then your enthusiasm towards life is a quality that will keeping you going when times get tough. Unfortunately, experience is very important in the long run. Sawyer Howitt gives some smart tips so you don’t go under.

Hire the right employees and support them. Finding the right match for your business is vital. Be selective when hiring them. Once you do find the right employees, treat them right. Praise their good work and make them feel appreciated. If you treat them with respect and pay them accordingly, your business will no doubt flourish. It’s an all around win-win for everyone. The next piece of advice is to watch your money. So many business don’t make it because they are not money savvy and they end up going bankrupt. Don’t do that to yourself and be aware of where your money is being spent. Always work on creating loyal customers. The ones who come back year after year to do business with you. On that note, be a social networking person. Be personable and make people feel good. They will want to come back if you do. Stay focused on the prize. If you have a good idea go with it, and stick to it. If you have shiny object syndrome then you may never get anything done. Lastly, just jump into it and get started. There will never be an optimal time, or money, or in fact anything else. If you don’t start taking the steps to get your business running it will never happen. You will learn with time and experience with what works and what doesn’t

One of Portland’s youngest entrepreneurs Sawyer Howitt is helping small businesses get up and running. He is the Project Manager at The Meriwether Group. Sawyer is currently attending University of Berkeley, California and majoring in Consumer Economics.

He has volunteered as a PSAS tutor and he specializes in assisting others in science and math. He also stands for several philanthropic causes as mentoring youth of today and fighting for women’s rights. He is also a leader for the international ethnic study group.

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