The Evolution of Fabletics

There are a ton of people that are interested in connecting with a whole new line of clothing options from Fabletics. This company is bringing forth new clothes every week, and this is exciting to people that like to shop for athletic clothes. Very few people have the desire to hit the gym and wear the same thing over and over again. This is why Fabletics is able to grow and expand. People like the fact that new clothes are always on the way, and there is definitely a large amount of opportunity for people to collect new garments that Fabletics brings to the table.


There are so many consumers out there that are trying to connect with this brand because it changes how they feel about working out. When people have access to athletic clothing that is fashionable and affordable they are more inclined to work out on a regular basis. This is what Kate Hudson is able to do for the athletic community. She actually gives people more confidence about getting in the gym. Hudson creates a brand that is adored by people that need leggings for yoga, and she also helps those people that are trying to acquire active wear for the workout process. Kate has been doing what it takes to make her brand of athletic clothing stand out from the competition like Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Academy.


She has been able to really excel in the world of athletic clothing because she has no fear about doing something different. She was already in a world where she had created a successful business model so it was somewhat risky to bring clothing from a partnership with Demi Lovato into the mix. Still, Kate Hudson made a decision to do this, and it has been a successful undertaking thus far. Kate sees that things like this are going to push her brand forward.


She does not want to stop when she knows that there are so many opportunities that exist if she is only willing to take the risk and go forward with things of this nature. Kate has also taken the risk to bring forth a line of footwear to the Fabletics brand.


Again, this was something that was not part of the original Fabletics business model so it was risky to make an attempt to engage consumers into buying footwear from Fabletics. Many people already have their own favorites that they work out in when it comes to athletic shoes.


Kate Hudson realizes that providing footwear puts Fabletics into competition with an entirely different market. Companies like New Balance, Nike, Adidas and Reebok are all direct competitors when it comes to this type of product line.


Kate Hudson knows a lot about athletic clothing, and she is also taking the time to learn about athletic footwear as well. This may be the next big milestone for a Fabletics. It is definitely a great opportunity for the company to grow even more in e-commerce.