Glen Wakeman Partners with American Red Cross to Support Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims

Puerto Rico is among the regions that have experienced the devastating damages of a hurricane this year. The region was attacked by over 155mph winds and over 30 hours rain causing the destruction of homes, transportation infrastructure, roads as well as power cables. According to some local officials from the area, the estimated damages from the storm are over $90 billion.



Some recovery efforts to restore the area’s infrastructure as well as providing basic needs to the locals have been established. American Red Cross is among the organizations that have played a great deal in helping Puerto Rico’s victims. Red Cross is working with the community, corporate and federal partners to mobilize volunteers and relief supplies such as food, water, cleanup kits, home repair kits, and insect repellants to the needy. The organization has also deployed some of its employees and volunteers to help the victims in the area.



The hurricane also caused interruption to the cell service in the area, making communication very difficult. To help out, Red Cross shipped satellite phones and other technology likely to improve communication infrastructure. The organization has also sent nurses and EMT’s to provide treatment to the sick.



Even with Red Cross’s and other organizations’ continuous support in the area, the island is still out of shape. Presently, the area is in wreckages and littered by the devastation. Additionally, almost half of the island is without electricity. So as to continue providing support to such affected areas, Red Cross relies on contributions from corporations and individuals (ForexWizard). The organization still requires more support so as to continue with its operations. Among AmericanRed Cross’ generous donors is Glen Wakeman. This down to heart individual donated $1,000 and also takes part in mobilizing more supporters.



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Glen Wakeman is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a SAAS company he co-founded in 2015. He is also the founder of Nova Four. His work involves directing startup businesses as well as coaching other CEO’s on how to manage and attain success. He is well known for a methodology he developed to help assess and improve 5 key performance dimensions including leadership, human capital, risk management, execution, and governance. Wakeman is also a writer who posts blogs about emerging market trends, leadership, and global affairs.

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