Market Value of Stream Energy Soars Under CFO David Faranetta

Stream Energy is an award-winning eco-friendly life solutions firm. Over the years, it’s risen to be America’s leading provider of life services and direct sales company. The company received a major boost when it brought on David Faranetta as the CFO and Executive V.P. David has played a vital role in overhauling the accounting, treasury, tax, and finance departments during his tenure. The impressive gains at Stream came as no surprise; after all, David Faranetta was a highly admired veteran energy industry player.


Faranetta spoke to the press soon after the confirmation of his appointment as the CFO and the VP of Stream. He remarked how he’d been carefully studying Stream’s growth model for years ( David added how he was elated to finally join the dedicated and professional team at Stream.


David’s Responsibilities at Stream


According to Stream Energy, David’s responsibilities at Stream include overseeing M&A’s, financial oversight, risk management, regulations, and generally, supervising the finance department in all pertinent aspects.


On the other hand, Stream’s CEO and President, Larry Mondry was equally as delighted to have the skilled CFO join the innovative energy solutions company. In his welcome speech, Larry noted how the vast experience of David Faranetta was a sure win for his company and its investors alike. Larry prophesied a brighter future for Stream thanks to Faranetta’s invaluable input.


Faranetta is renowned for many awe-inspiring leadership attributes. None, however, stands out more than David’s ability to hire, train and mentor the staff under him (Crunchbase). David is an inspirational role model credited with building countless successful energy companies and mentoring thousands of energy niche professionals in the past two decades.


Previously, David served as the CFO of accredited energy companies like TXJ Energy and Luminant Inc. Crunchbase lists him as also having served as the Senior Vice President at Vistra Energy. David F. attained his MBA from Lehigh University and his undergraduate degree in Economics from the prestigious Moravian College. Visit Stream’s official website and their social media portals to learn more about them.


Stream Energy’s Fact Sheet


Founded in 2005, Stream has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. The revolutionary direct selling company has done well over $18B in revenue since 2005. The company specializes in offering the following services, wireless, energy, home, and protective services.