Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

Building a successful fashion brand in a world were Amazon controls twenty percent of the market in a very tall order. However, that is exactly what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics did. It has grown into a two hundred fifty million dollar a year business in a short three years. Unlike other fashion companies Fabletics active ware products use a subscription system to sell there clothing. Customer experience, design and brand recognition are more important to customers know and days, and recognizing this is the first step in Flabletics success.


The Flabletics subscription model allows the company to provide custom serves and trendy fashion at a fraction of the cost. Fabletics uses reverse showrooming. Were browsing is a negative for other companies, Fabletics have turned it into a positive. There strategy allows them to build relationships and get to know the local markets better. Because of this thirty to fifty percent of those that enter the store are already members and an addition twenty five percent sign up at the store. Using online local data, store will stock products that appeal to there customers and change them when needed. Growth is also a factor of providing a great product at great prices. The fabletics model seems to be very much the success.


Founded in Twenty thirteen, Fabletics as been from its inception a fashion forward athleisure brand designed to be empowering. TechStyle Fashion Group, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg wanted to change the fashion world, but needed the right partner. Kate Hudson was it. Kate represented what Fabletics is, she is approachable with an active lifestyle. She was a perfect fit. She is very much involved in every aspect of the company from budgets to social media strategies. Kate is one of the few celebrities that actually uses the products that they endorse. I doubt you will see LeBron James driving a Kia. Kate will never do anything that is not authentic.


The company didn’t have a perfect start with unexpected product delays. Other celebrities like Cher attacking Kate on social media. With some of the bad press Kate spearhead the new customer service department and new data systems. In only eighteen months the company had a good rating at the better business bureau as well as a much improved customer satisfaction score. With twenty two retail stores and plans for dozens more the company looks to have a bright future. With all this success you would than that Kate would be content being a business woman, but she says she is an actress and artist through and through.

How Dick Devos Helped Grand Rapids

Dick Devos, who is married to Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, is known for his drive to make changes for the better in our society. He has done a lot for his local community and for education around the country.


Dick Devos, while he was the CEO of Amway, opposed a multipurpose sports center that he believed would be detrimental to Grand Rapids. He lobbied hard against it, and he organized a group to work on fighting it and creating buildings that would help Grand Rapids instead.


Dick also started a charter school, The West Michigan Aviation Academy. This charter school helps young people become pilots. Both Dick and Betsy have worked to expand private education. One of their main projects is supporting initiatives that would offer tax vouchers to private schools. School choice is a big issue for them.


Dick Devos has helped out his community in many other ways. For example, he helped with getting the local airport in Grand Rapids to be successful. As the CEO of Orlando Magic, which was located down the road from Air Tran’s headquarters, he put in a call to Airtran and convinced them to visit the airport. Eventually, Airtran was bought by Southwest. They ran flights to and from Ford Airport. Devos was charged with bringing Southwest to Grand Rapids. His efforts in doing so helped bring the airport more fame and recognition. Of course, he had a personal incentive for doing so, as the airport was the home of his charter school.


Dick Devos was chosen to be one of the civilians on the panel overseeing the Federal Aviation Administration. There are seven civilians on this panel. Their job is to oversee the FAA and regulate their strategies and spending. Civilians meet four times a year. They are volunteers, and they serve for three-year terms. One of the reasons why he was chosen was his success in making Gerald R. Ford so successful.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy has also been seeing success. Although it started out with just a few dozen students, it now has over six hundred students. Of course, Betsy fully supported this school, just like she supported many other private and charter schools.


Dick and Betsy founded the Great Lakes Education Project, which focuses on school choice in Michigan. They also helped start school choice programs in twenty four states.


To learn more, visit http://dickdevos.com/.