Bottled Water Erupts with Waiakea Water’s Revolutionary Design

Creating a company that combines the crucial elements of human health and environmental health burst forth when Ryan Emmons began Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water in 2012. He innately knew that bottling the water he had been drinking as a child contained magical qualities. But, his recyclable bottles needed to improve, along with his manufacturing process and the dire necessity for clean water worldwide

The magic in Waiakea’s water lies with the minerals it absorbs as it travels through the Mauna Loa volcano. Upon arrival it is full of sodium, potassium, magnesium, 30mg of silica and calcium. Waiakea’s Water has a natural alkaline pH of 7.8-8.0, most tap water is acidic with less than 7.0 pH. These ingredients enhance all the obvious features of good health like bones, skin, hair and nails.

Offering a healthy water choice was not enough Emmons. His entire production, taken from a 1.4-billion-gallon refilling aquifer, uses 33% renewable energy. Next, he solved his plastic bottle dilemma with degradable plastic, scientists call TimePlast, which is a nano-degradation that breaks down in 15 years as opposed to 1500 years. TimePlast uses 85% less energy to manufacture and it is BPA-free. Plus, it too is 100% recyclable. Scientists worked for years on making plastic stronger or bio-degradable, but discovered that making plastic weaker makes for a shorter degradation period. The cost of one pound of TimePlast is nominal and it makes 1000 pounds of plastic. The price effectiveness and the ease of manufacturing this plastic could easily be used in all Consumer Product Goods.

Waiakea Water understands the need and purpose for clean water worldwide. It works with the direct-to-community charity- Pump Aid. After identifying disadvantaged villages in Africa, Waiakea Water donated 650 liters, reaching over 1.35 million people. In addition, they have installed 3,200 Elephant Pumps, which are copied from 3,000-year-old Chinese engineering. These pumps have produced water for over 500 million people.

The true magic in Waiakea’s Water is Ryan Emmons’ philosophy of developing this sustainable process to rid the world of plastic waste, while improving people’s health worldwide.