The Oxford Club: Helping You Make Informed Investments

The Oxford Club is an internationally acclaimed institution that houses all world’s most exceptional investors and entrepreneurs. The club manipulates the stock market by making use of well-thought investment plans and principals. The institution’s recommendations broach on currencies, real estate, bonds, funds, options and valuable minerals. To create life-long wealth and help her members live a fulfilled happy life is the focus and aim of the Oxford Club.

The club founded in the late 90’s closely analyses and examines market trends and existing trade ideas. The institution’s experts, guided by this study, then offer advice to their members guiding them on the best places to invest in the market. The establishment led by Alexander Green is the best of her kind, partly because of her thirty years’ experience and partly due to her incredible work ethic.

Today the club has an overflowing membership of more than 157,000; her operations are also spread to over 131 countries. The organization also does a monthly publication on three newsletters and a daily leash of e-letters.

The Oxford Communiqué remains to be the club’s leading newsletter. Among the things covered are the investment recommendations and market trend analysis made by the club’s CIS, Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green. The people’s favorite is the Beyond Wealth essay sequence in which the club’s CIS gives tips on how to live a healthy life and on matters philosophy and politics. Other newsletters are; The Oxford Income Letter and the Oxford Resource Explorer.

Also important to recognize is the Investment U, an educative arm of the club. The Investment U through its e-letter, Investment U Daily, offers advice on how individuals can attain financial freedom and independence.

There are three ways to attain membership of this club. First is through the Premier Membership which is obtained through subscribing to any publications made by the organization. This membership is, however, not permanent and must be renewed perennially.

Second is through the Director’s Circle Membership; members pay once for their membership which makes them lifelong members. The third is through the Chairman’s Circle Membership. Members who belong to this category enjoy multitudinous benefits and entitlements. These members are granted access to a lot of unique features.